Mobile Mapping

Road Mapping

A mobile mapping system is a highly efficient method of collecting data for the management and monitoring of the pavement and roadside assets; DEPHOS Group deploys a compact and portable systems that can be moved between any car or truck.  

Since mobile mapping vehicles travel at highway speeds, there is no need to incur the cost and inconvenience of shutting the road. Routine monitoring tasks such as road stability inspection conventionally involve stopping and placing survey transects at intervals along the network. This practice is negated with a mobile mapping system, where after collecting a continuous point cloud along the network, cross sections can be analyzed in the office. Furthermore, once a continuous mobile mapping dataset has been collected, it serves as a base reference dataset that can be archived and revisited without necessity to revisit the site.  

For roadway mapping, applications include roadway safety audits such as those that measure curvature and camber of pavement surface and clearance under bridges. Utilizing on board cameras, GIS databases of roadside assets can be updated. The same data and mapping processes can be used to produce HD (high definition) mapping for the upcoming usage of autonomous vehicles.