Mobile Mapping

Advertisement inventory

In many jurisdictions, advertising areas like billboards on the roadside or mounted on buildings are taxable assets. Usually considered temporary structures, billboards do not appear on existing topographic or cadastral maps. With taxable ratings applied to these structures being based upon parameters such as the size and orientation of the billboard, efficient inspection requires a three-dimensional based survey methodology.  

Using a system equipped with synchronized hemispherical cameras and 360-degree laser scanners, mobile mapping provides the means to capture a 3D survey of roadside assets and adjacent building facades at regular highway speeds.  

Collecting both photography and laser scan data simultaneously, means that a colorized point cloud be produced that can form a navigable virtual tour for an inspector to interpret. From these point clouds, true dimensions can be measured; either a municipality’s inspector or a DEPHOS Group technician can then use standard GIS-based tools to measure the size, orientation and position of the billboard and add to an asset database. 

Should a full landscape assessment be required hemispherical photography provides a means for the DEPHOS Group GIS modelling team to assess the overall impact that billboards might have upon a citizen’s field of view.