Terrestrial Mapping

Industrial modeling

Laser scanning provides a comprehensive method of capturing and modelling construction elements related to manufacturing, infrastructure and industrial applications. Structural elements such as pipes, rebar and bridge girders are three-dimensional in nature; modelling these elements from either field observations or photographs can bring approximations and omissions. Analysis of these structural elements for the purposes of understanding the form of interfaces to use in the design of additions or renovations, or for processes such as load modelling demands modelled 3D as-builts. Laser scanning offers a direct method to obtain these. 

Being probably the first company in Poland to operate terrestrial laser scanners, the DEPHOS Group team has extensive experience in capturing and modelling the as-built structures of large industrial facilities. Example projects include the scanning of chemical plants, especially bridge structures carrying overhead pipes. Once scanned, DEPHOS Group internal team of modelling personnel has the skills to turn laser scan data into standardized modelled elements using industry design and modelling software such as Revit®. 

The same methodologies are equally applicable to smaller projects that require the inventory and modelling of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) related elements.