Airborne Mapping

Powerline Mapping

Due to the significant costs associated with power outages caused by conflict between vegetation and powerlines, many jurisdictions now mandate LiDAR surveys of powerlines as part of the power distribution company’s vegetation management procedure.  

High specification LiDAR systems used by the DEPHOS Group collect multiple returned data points from each laser pulse that the system emits. Filtering and classifying these multiple returns in the LiDAR data makes measuring clearances between powerlines and surrounding vegetation efficient and reliable. 

High resolution pictures help to determine conditions of the powerline infrastructure like pool elements, insulators and cables.  

Powerlines are one of most difficult objects to measure using classical methods. Being in hard to access locations like mountains, deserts of dense forests those are sometimes inaccessible for ground teams. It makes surveys very expensive, slow and dangerous for the people. LiDAR overcomes these difficulties making data collection safe and efficient in virtually any environment. 

DEPHOS Group provides high quality data to support full lifecycle of powerline starting form feasibility studies, design, construction, as-build up do regular maintenance.