Airborne Mapping

Oblique pictures

Modern management technologies in cities development, especially introduction of the Smart City concept, causes a continuous increase in demand of new types of spatial information. 

To fulfill those needs DEPHOS Group collects oblique imagery using either industry standard or in house developed systems. Oblique set-up usually contains five rigidly connected and calibrated high resolution digital metric cameras. Main camera is nadir (looking down) and four additional cameras, tilted about 45° from nadir, are looking forward, backward, left and right in relation to the flight direction. Oblique pictures can be obtained separately or simultaneously with LiDAR data. 

From here, these images can be further processed by DEPHOS Group experts to provide regular georeferenced photographs that can be used for backdrop mapping in a GIS or specialist web services or generate advanced products such as point clouds or photorealistic textured 3D city models 

This solution allows to observe any place from a completely new perspective, giving unprecedented possibilities of measurements and analyzes, not available so far using classic nadir imagery or LiDAR only.