Airborne Mapping

Aerial Imagery

DEPHOS Group uses state-of-the-art aerial digital cameras to collect aerial photography. Mounting the cameras on a range of aircraft from larger twin-engine planes through to gyrocopters, means that data can efficiently be captured at all scales from a local urban area, through to a stretch of coastline, all the way up to national coverage.  

Any aerial photography delivered by DEPHOS Group undergoes a set of a rigorous quality control procedures to ensure radiometric quality and color balancing, where flights are planned to take advantage of optimal conditions to produce the clearest possible imagery. The resolution of these images mean that ground features such as road markings, land cover boundaries, or even the position of road furniture can be surveyed to mapping-grade accuracy. With each camera coupled to an inertial navigation system (INS), all data is directly georeferenced with real-world coordinates, thus streamlining and maintaining quality throughout the project.