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Sensor integration

As early adopters of mapping and 3D survey technologies, the DEPHOS Group has extensive experience in testing and integrating hardware components and understands what will be successful in bringing efficiency to these workflows. 

The ultralight ADRAM aerial mapping system is an example of DEPHOS Group system integration experience. This system was designed to exploit efficiencies in aerial survey operations that cannot best fulfilled by either traditional aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles. To do so, the DEPHOS Group team needed to understand how to best to tightly integrate survey-grade inertial navigation systems, cameras and lidar systems. Along with these sensors was development of the associated control and operation software and data management capacity, into a self-contained system that was aeronautically rated for installation onto the gyrocopter platform. This included development of a custom designed gyro-mounting platform to ensure stability throughout the survey. 

Experiences from the development of systems such as the ADRAM equip the DEPHOS Group team to assist other mapping companies build the most efficient mapping platforms for their local projects too.