Other services

Geophysical surveys

A specialist 3D survey service offered by the DEPHOS Group is projects that make use of ground penetrating radar, ferromagnetic, bathymetric, sonar and seismo-acoustic measurements. Those are a methods of non-destructive testing to locate objects underground. Geophysical surveys can indicate the presence of objects or changes in material type and can be interpreted to map the location of structures and items ranging from buried stone masonry, archeological sites, utility installations through to unexploded ordnance, both for land and marine sites. 

A common misconception is that geophysical data can be collected and interpreted by any type of survey company. However, geophysical data is subject to many external sources of noise and other environmental effects that can potentially lead to false-positives or other erroneous reporting. Specific qualifications and experiences are required to interpret correctly. To ensure reliability of results, DEPHOS Group work with certified geophysical specialists to unwrap and interpret these geophysical data correctly; to produce mapping data for projects related to identifying buried archeological features or compiling inventories of underground gas or water utility assets that can be depended upon by its customers.