Terrestrial Mapping

Automatic Item Digitalization

The DEPHOS Group Revoscan solution deploys decades of experience in stereo photogrammetry to the creation of photorealistic models for use in consumer applications such as retail, computer games and heritage preservation. Developed as part of a successful EU project Revoscan is an automatic photogrammetric hardware and data processing solution. Comprising a hardware setup including digital SLR cameras mounted on a metrology-grade robotic gig together with custom developed photogrammetric capture, control and modelling software; DEPHOS Group objective is to automatically digitize and generate photorealistic digital models of objects in the shortest possible time. 

The DEPHOS Group Revoscan system has been used to generate realistic models of objects such as shoes and sports equipment to improve the customer experience on e-commerce sites for retailers and models for inclusion in 3D computer games. Revoscan models can be manipulated in a full 360-degree rotation, permitting consumers to inspect objects before purchase and for gamers to move around objects in a scene in a realistic manner. Given the location of the DEPHOS Group office in the historical city of Krakow, Poland, one of the most frequent uses of the system has been to digitize museum artifacts both for archival and for presentation within e-learning systems.